“experience is an arch wherethrough gleams
 that untravelled world whose margin fades
 for ever and for ever when I move”




Expeditions have not only shaped the way we see the World, they have shaped the World itself.


From the very first migrations from the cradle of Africa, Polynesian settlement across the Pacific, the Roman conquest of Britain, the Age of Discovery, ground-breaking research by Darwin and Wallace and even the Moon landing; all are products of our innate curiosity, our desire to explore and to challenge the boundaries of what we know.


Today, perhaps the most common view of an expedition is as an antiquated, often colonial endeavour, led by a privileged few.

But the truth is, there are more expeditions being embarked upon now than ever before, with several hundred endeavours leaving the UK every year, staffed by people from all walks of life.

There may be no great new landmasses to discover, but Mayan sites are uncovered in the jungles of Central America on an almost yearly basis and research in the island of New Guinea over the last fifteen years has uncovered 1100 species never before known to science.

For the foreseeable future, as long as our thirst for knowledge remains, the days of the expedition are not gone; yet some of the rules have changed.



The foundations of expeditions are as old as Mankind and the impetus for expeditions is our very nature.


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Greater awareness and more informed times demand greater sensitivity, more analysis and more co-operation than ever before.

The right attitude, the right level of preparation mentally, physically and strategically can mean the difference between failure and success.