“He who goes gently, goes safely;  he who goes safely, goes far”

Joseph Thompson, explorer



Modus Operandi:

To conduct and encourage low-impact remote expeditions whose objective is to add to the current base of knowledge, favouring collaboration with indigenous people and reliance on their knowledge and methods over technology.


From my grandparents’ colourful anecdotes of the fading days of an Empire, to the writings of travellers such as Newby and Thubron and the practice of wilderness survival, for most of my life I’ve had an irresistible urge to delve into the round Earth’s imagined corners.

For a decade now I’ve been privileged to witness a glimpse of the splendid variety in the World and also its many unifying similarities too.  

Curriculum Vitae

In this time I have initiated as a clan chief to a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea, brandished a ‘cursed’ shotgun to scare vodka-fueled brigands in a chase in the Gobi, met bounty-hunters, guerrilla commanders, party secretaries and hermits. I’ve stood in the still-steaming ruins of a lava-buried town in the Pacific Ring of Fire and once had to physically boot a Komodo Dragon off my breakfast.

My expeditions include a revealing inquiry into the effects of a singular weather condition on the herder community of the Mongolian steppe; the investigation into numerous sightings of a very large monitor lizard in the remote jungles of Papua, involving the enlistment of rebels to aid me; and the search for a forgotten Torgut Dynasty site in the Taklamakan Desert, mentioned but never visited in ‘The Sand Buried Ruins of Khotan’ by Sir Auriel Stein in the 19th Century.

These expeditions have left me with treasured experiences, but what really makes me enjoy what I do, is knowing that there is so much more out there.