Computer fan, stay away from all forms of whining sound,  4) do not use bose noise cancelling headphones!! These can cause the sound or make it worse in your head. cheap online sales viagra 5) see and ent and get a prescription for cyclobenzedrine (flexeril) which will relax your muscles, take one before you go to bed and one immediately when you get up and possibly one during the afternoon.  they only made me sleepy the first two days i used them.  after that i was fine.   6) ears heal when they are at rest. viagra 10 mg from canada  if you can not sleep at night or take naps during the day, your ears will likely not get better or even worse. generic viagra  i used half an ambien to get to sleep, they i managed to use 2 benedryl after a while which worked just as well. buy cheap viagra   7) turn the tv down, not up.  your ears focus on primary sound source, focus on a sound that is lower not higher, your ears will be less likely to react to the television. 8)  work out!  i thought working out would not be good, i work out now and it is the best thing for your mind, it gives you strength to get through this.  i work out right before i go to bed, i head over to planet fitness for $10 a month and get on the eliptical for 30 minutes, 10 minutes of weights and i am home, taking a shower and then in bed. 9) take vitamins in large quantity a, b, c, d, etc, magnesium supports the ear. viagra online 10) drink 2 liters of water a day--mandatory for ear and sinus health. viagra duration action 11) be patient--you will see very good results in the first two weeks, but you need to not get complacent because this affliction can reverse.  stay on the program and try to walk outside as much as you can, breath in through your nose and out your mouth and vice versa to stabilize the pressures in your head. viagra fast shipping Good luck! what to do when viagra and viagra dont work Loading... viagra 10 mg from canada Previous topic | next topic print reply quick navigation: select a forum friendly chat old messages: june 2010 - october 2011 old messages: march 2009 - june 2010 old messages: march 2008 - march 2009 old messages: february 2007 - march 2008 old messages: april 2006 - february 2007 old messages: sept 2005 - april 2006 this message board is for informational [ancora imparo] and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to render or act as a substitute for any medical advice. viagra 10 mg from canada Consult with a qualified physician or hearing professional to obtain the proper medical treatment. viagra online canada Mandatory board e.