Blood clots elsewhere in the body. generic viagra online canada Lavik’s treatment is a synthetic version of platelets, which are the nano-designed disc-shaped particles in blood that promote clotting at the site of a wound. These synthetic platelets are so tiny that 10 would fit across the width of a single human hair. how to buy viagra in usa Their role isn’t to replace natural platelets, but to stick to them to create a faster and more efficient blood clot. The platelet nanoparticles are made up of polyester spheres, which is the same material used in dissolvable sutures. viagra low cost They’re surrounded by polyethylene glycol, a substance found in many consumer products. Finally a peptide is attached to the spheres to make them stick to platelets. low price viagra The result is a new material that lasts twice as long as donated platelets, doesn’t require refrigeration, does its work and disappears like dissolvable sutures, and has proven itself more effective than factorâ viia in tests on rats. Read more critical care / emergency medicine / medicine / surgery / telemedicine visi mobile system for real time wireless in-hospital vital signs monitoring (video) by gene ostrovsky on aug 21, 2012 the fda has cleared sotera wireless‘ visi mobile system that’s designed for monitoring of vital signs of ambulatory patients in non-icu clinical settings. buy viagra â  the wrist-worn device works with a number of sensors that measure blood pressure, heart rate / pulse rate, spo2, respiratory rate, skin temperature, as well as 3-lead or 5-lead ecg. â  all the data is sent over a standardâ (802. 11) in-hospital wireless network to a central server for simultaneous real-time monitoring of all the patients on the floor using a computer or a tablet pc. is it ok to take viagra and viagra together The company promises the next version of the device will provide continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring as well as the patient’s posture and activity levels. Read more emergency medicine / medicine / pediatrics auvi-q voice-guided epinephrine injector cleared in u. S. viagra 5mg tablets 28 (video) by gene ostrovsky on aug 13, 2012 sanofi just announced receiving fda clearance for the auvi-q epinephrine injector that provides step-by-step voice guidance on how to use it if you’re having a serious allergic reaction. â  once the device is pulled out from its case, a voice tells of the first step. Tiny sensors detect that each step has been taken and a voice prompt is played on what to do next. Read more anesthesiology / cardiology / critical care / emergency medicine / medicine / surgery new visual, amplified stethoscope for hearing impaired clinicians by gene ostrovsky on aug 10, 2012 properly diagnosing patients using a stethoscope requires good hearing to discern the murmurs from normal heart sounds. Yet many doctors and nurses suffer from poor hearing, m. lowest price viagra canada